It’s not easy to manage the balance between a busy career and your personal life. It’s difficult to find the energy and time for you and also show up for your children, parents, partner and friends. The stress and overwhelm of trying to get everything done is tiring and wears on your confidence (despite from the outside, your life looks good!).


Does this sound like you?:

You’re ready to feel empowered to make healthy choices with clarity and confidence.

You’re ready to be the master of your relationships with your mind, habits, and body.

You’re ready to live your life with a sense of balance and inner peace.

You’re ready to love your life again.

You’re ready to make long-lasting lifestyle changes (that actually work).


And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more

painful than the risk it took to grow”

~ Anais Nin



Claudia Braun |

Holistic Health Coaching

I believe eating well (and living well!) is about changing your lifestyle—not dieting. When you have a confident, compassionate relationship with your self, everything that follows is positive and healing.

“After working with Claudia, I feel lighter, more aware of my eating habits and patterns, and on the path of a healthy lifestyle.  Even though I came in knowing a lot about good nutrition, she helped me to apply this knowledge and helped me include self-care into my life.  Her caring spirit and optimism has me looking forward to sessions — it’s a place I feel safe and heard.  She always knows the next right step.” – Carol



Here’s my truth:


I’m a holistic health coach and I guide amazing women to rediscover their confidence, restore their inner peace and nurture their relationships with their mind and body.


Through my 30 years of work, I’ve developed a couple of popular offerings:

1)    Get Your Sexy, Sassy Self Back Coaching

We’ll work one-on-one to develop a more confident, compassionate relationship with yourself. Equip yourself with personalized tools to master a success-focused mindset, gain control over your weight and your lifestyle, and make long-lasting changes that support a healthier and more vibrant life.

2)    Get Your Sexy Back Breakthrough Session to:

Get more clarity on your unique situation.  Discover what’s been in the way of you getting the long lasting results you crave (it may surprise you). Get inspired to take your next steps. And learn more about the benefits of my exclusive coaching services, and how they can benefit you.

Book a free Get Your Sexy Back Breakthrough Session now.

3)    The 3 Day Energize & Reboot Plan

This free eBook provides you with the essential tools to start making big changes now. These tools include a done-for-you 3 day eating meal plan, ideas for supporting your new clean eating habits with holistic self-care routines, and my top insider tips to help you make the most of your meal plan and implement lasting lifestyle changes.

Start making revitalizing and empowering lifestyle changes now:

Click here to receive The 3 Day Energize & Reboot Plan. It’s my gift to you!.


Claudia helped me realize my body is worth care and honor, with honesty and nurturing she helped me gain clarity and pushed me to break my habits and create new routines.

~ Kim, Business Owner

I’ve had so many great changes from working with Claudia; weight loss, ending stress/emotional eating, and self acceptance. The most profound change is not struggling with doing the right things. And, I’m not constantly bombarded with my negative internal voice!

– Trisha S., Attorney

When I talk with Claudia I feel all my stress from daily living being lifted. Doing Health Coaching with Claudia has changed my life.

– Cecelia Brennan


My background


Hi there and welcome! I’m Claudia.

Let me share a little bit about my journey:

I spent 16 years of my life not feeling good about myself, not knowing how to manage my emotions, especially stress, and battling the confusion that lead me to use food as a deal with things.  My ‘aha’ moment came to me as I stood at my parents’ house repeating the same unhealthy habits I’d held on to for years. Habits fueled by insecurity, stress and overwhelm.


In this moment I understood that my unhealthy habits, distorted beliefs and crippling self-doubt were actually limiting my ability to live the life I desired. I needed help. I felt frustrated, no matter how hard I tried to change, I continued to get the same disappointing results. This moment was the first time I understood I couldn’t make these changes by myself.


In this moment of clarity I reached out for the support and guidance I needed. It was the first step towards changing my life.

That day I found hope. I walked away excited (and a little scared) from everything I knew about my relationships with eating, myself, my reactions to stress, and my inner self-doubt.

I was determined to break the habits holding me back.

With an unfailing commitment to my new lifestyle and an intentional plan for self-care, I began to invest in myself and my healthier, more holistic life. This was my journey to creating the life I live today. This was my journey to creating the life I love.


But, why does this matter to you?

This matters because I see you. This matters because I hear you. This matters because I know you.

I’ve been where you’re standing now. If I can do it, you can too, with proper guidance and support.

You don’t have to walk alone the path to change.

The heartbreaking years I spent struggling now fuel my passion to help you move through your own personal challenges. My customized coaching sessions are a unique blend of the skills I spent years training in nutritional coaching, working in eastern practices, and earning my certification as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.


Through 30 years of guiding myself and others, I have honed and developed the necessary tools to help you find a holistic solution and build the foundation for your long-lasting transformation. A transformation that will last a lifetime -- instead of the usual temporary fix. Expect to walk away from our work together equipped with powerful tools and clear strategies to manage stress and overwhelm, and to be the empowered and confident version of yourself you’ve been craving.

How will you feel when your life allows you to care for your body, mind, and soul?

How will you feel when you feel empowered by your happiness, clarity, and confidence?

How will it feel to live a life you love with all your heart?

Are you ready to find out? Let’s get started…


Ready to begin our work together?

Apply for your free Get Your Sexy Back

Breakthrough Session.

Here’s a quick way to get started:

Grab your 3 Day Energize & Reboot Plan


Book A Call 

I look forward to getting to know you. You deserve to be free of the struggle. I’m passionate about giving you the support, inspiration, and challenges you need to reach your goals. You can do it. The time i

s now; waiting another day will only make it harder.

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