2009_10_111675chinese garden portlandDo you start on the Paleo diet following perfectly for a few weeks than it gets too hard, and think Whole 30 is the answer, super restrictive, than see your friend just started the grapeseed diet and think oh that must be the answer…but feeling so discouraged you drive into Dairy Queen and get a soft serve, with a bag of Doritos?

Was this going to be the summer you went on a beach holiday and actually wore your bathing suit?

But instead your hiding receipts and buying more clothes?  If you avoid mirrors from the neck down and refuse to have your picture taken and find you’re in the same place as last summer maybe even a bit worse?

If you’re feeling no matter what you do you still can’t get results, I get it, I lived it too.

Maybe you find yourself saying it must be what I’m eating.  Than you read another article and think maybe it’s the time of the day I eat it? Than someone else makes you think it’s my sleep. Than you think maybe it’s because I’m so unhappy, but than you think maybe my unhappiness is because I’m not getting results?

Do you feel sad and angry being in a dressing room making you feel like crying? If you end up feeling kind of lost, because you’re not sure what you need to be doing, to lose weight, and take care of you consistently, especially when you’ve “such a busy life”, you’re not alone.

If you beat yourself up with accusations for your bad habits, or blame your family for its genes know you’re not alone!

Find the whole thing kind of overwhelming and confusing?  Does it make you tired thinking about it, which leads you to avoid dealing with it? But that doesn’t work because you’re still unhappy and want it to go away!

Here’s the thing without clarity you’ll muddle around for another year(s). And the…

Three Biggest Reasons Your Lack of Clarity Is Holding You Back

  1. You’re not sure what the problem is so you can’t address it.
  2. The muddling and trying to figure it out leaves you feeling lost.
  3. Without focus there’s no clarity so you can’t get results.

Clarity is the key to focusing on your goal. Which is why I’m excited to share my Clarity-Strategy-Action process with you. I’m really good at helping you get clear.

Viola had a clarity session and it helped her release tons of pain she had been carrying around and it helped her to connect to the freedom and happiness on the other side of all the pain she was carrying. In her clarity session she felt lighter, clearer and as she said ” I feel like I’ve had a healing session I feel so good”.

Want this too? Schedule a clarity-strategy-action session now, can you afford to wait?