7 Benefits of Lemon Water

water-lemoncbThe 7 Benefits of Lemon Water


And Why I love to start my day with a whole lemon in room temperature or hot water.


  • Lemon water can also help again unhealthy cravings making it great for weight loss.


  • Lemon water allows your body to keep a higher pH level, increasing your alkalinity and helping your body to fight off diseases.


  • Daily ingestion of one lemon is estimated to reduce high blood pressure by 10% – drinking lemon water is a great way to work towards that quantity.


  • Lemon water can help cleanse your blood and arteries.


  • Lemon water has a high potassium content – depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough potassium in your blood.


  • Lemons helps bowel movement.


  • Being a powerful antioxidant, lemon can protect your body from various free radicals and also strengthen your immune system.


  • Help cleanse the liver helps reduce toxins.


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