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“The only weight loss program designed to transform you from a frustrated and stuck over weight woman to a joyful and sexy happy woman who has the know how to lose the weight and feel like yourself again without having to diet, deprive yourself or starve yourself!”



  • If you avoid thinking about your weight, because it makes you feel bad,

  • And you struggle to follow through with healthy living and wonder what it’s going to take to do it…

  • And you know your weight holds you back because it sucks your confidence,

  • And “you know” people judge you for your weight, (because you judge you for your weight)?

  • Are you sick of all your excuses, for why you can’t do it?

  • Can you really afford another 10 pounds this year?

Isn’t it time to stop doing the same thing and expecting

different results?

You know diets don’t work, you’ve tried them, you’ve lost the

weight, temporarily, but sooner rather than later, you’ve

gained it back with even more.

Ready for a plan that’ll permanently change your

life, not a quick fix?

Just Imagine:

  • Your life without cravings?
  • You stopped reacting with food to life and starting responding with clear thinking?
  • You really liked yourself instead of hating yourself?
  • You looked down at the scale and saw your  “goal weight”,  and were able to wear the clothes in your closet?
  • You had the  energy you needed to show up instead of dreading invitations, because you’re so tired?
  • Feeling more like yourself again.

This is for you if:


  1. You’ve been on diets since you were young, and you’ve a history of constant dieting, only to put the weight back plus some. You know how many calories are in your food, you know what to do but you can’t seem to make the changes you need to make. You’re so sick of “dieting” that you can’t motivate yourself to do it anymore. Your sick of not being able to wear the clothes in your closet, getting dressed makes you feel depressed because so few things fit.  And that too makes you want to eat. But secretly you want to lose the weight, and you’re searching for an answer! But you’re afraid nothing will really work for you.
  2. Since you became an empty nester, you’re feeling ready to focus on you! You spent most of your time focused on them, as a result, you barely know what you need, you’ve ignored your needs for so long. You’re sick of feeling older than your years, unable to wear the clothes you’d like instead of the clothes that cover what you’d prefer not to show.
  3. Your emotions lead you to food. You’re a full out emotional and stress eater. You do fine for days, weeks, maybe a couple of years than something happens and you find yourself slammed with emotions you don’t, or can’t, deal with, and than, you can’t stop eating, it seems like the only thing that makes life tolerable.


Habits are hard to change, it’s why, most people make the

same resolution every year, maybe you’ve done it?

Before I handled my eating, weight, misery, I’d gain and lose weight routinely, it was my preoccupation, and even though I may have dropped some weight, eventually I’d end up where I’d been but feeling even worse about myself, because there’s nothing worse than blowing it again. And the reason it didn’t work, because I hadn’t really changed, I had lost weight, but I was still the same inside.

It wasn’t until I committed to a life of living, thinking and believing differently that my life changed, permanently, I did what it took to get results.

And if you commit to getting the support, the education, accountability and clearing the emotional blocks that keep you stuck and have you sabotaging your success, you’ll get weight loss, a better relationship with your self, and those in your life and it’ll create personal and financial abundance. Guaranteed, if you follow this formula your life will change.

We get better together, we stay stuck alone, you deserve to get better! If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

To get the results you crave, set yourself up to win, stop doing what doesn’t work. As Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.


There’s a path waiting for you, with the tools, guide and  companions to support you to create the body, lifestyle and  way of being, of your dreams.


Join ~ Drop The Weight Stop The Struggle 

90 Day Program

Move beyond your excuses and stuck places,

in a safe place to be seen, heard and encouraged.


In the words of my clients:


Claudia’s a dynamic coach, she created a supportive group where I’m comfortable sharing my authentic self. I’ll never forget the power of hearing Claudia say, “I’ll be there 110% for you.” That was a wake-up call for me to show up for myself. The group’s been a supportive place where we share what’s going on in our lives, our challenges and our successes. In addition to the live on-line support, I love all the helpful resources Claudia shares with us – recipes, meditations etc… You don’t need to do everything to make positive change.

Small consistent changes make a difference over time. I’m moving my body more, feel less anxious and have a much healthier relationship with myself and food. And an added bonus… I haven’t had a cold since I began! ~ Lynn J.


Since working with Claudia I’ve irrevocably changed the way I think about food. Together we uncovered my patterns and mythologies around food, and some were very surprising! While I have not yet mastered consistently eating healthily, when I fall off the wagon (work travel, holidays and family events are a killer), I don’t panic, because I know exactly where to start when I climb back on. We have put systems in place to get me feeling better after a binge, and I now have some good habits that I will keep for the rest of my life.  I realized that you really can’t change your eating habits alone, and diets don’t help because they are temporary.  Claudia provides steady guidance through the minefield of choosing to eat well FOR LIFE. She helps you identify triggers and find non-food solutions for your cravings.  She is a great accountability partner and she understands how deeply our emotions are tied to food.  I highly recommend Claudia whether you want to lose weight, prevent disease, or just feel better. ~ Kelly L.

Why This Program?

  • If you’ve done Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Whole Life, Thrive, Beach Body…You know another diet isn’t the answer. They’re temporary solution at best.
  • They’ll not get you permanent weight loss, they won’t teach you to handle your emotional attachment to food that consistently undermine your good intentions.
  • It’s not your fault that what you’ve done hasn’t worked. It didn’t address your emotional eating, it didn’t take into account your life circumstances, your stress, your years of yo-yo dieting which may have impacted your body’s ability to regulate enough, to lose the weight.
  • You need tools to handle your stress without eating and with the right protocal for maximum self care.
  • You need to manage your thinking which undermines your success every time. Looking at sabotaging beliefs that have you doubt your ability to succeed.
  • You need to address the guilt that gets in the way of caring for you. 
  • This is a program that’s proven to get your results, it will address all aspects of you, it’s not a cookie cutter approach to weight loss, or self care.


Why Me:

As I shared earlier I had a rocky relationship with eating since I was 10 years old, I come from a long line of over eaters, binge eaters, restrictrs, dieters, generations of it, was in my blood to be wacked out with food and not be able to do much different that didn’t lead to another obsession. But my misery in my 20’s lead me to search for a way out of my personal hell. For me, even when I lost the weight it was short lived, I’d always put it back, because the weight loss only gave me a license to eat more, and all the diets didn’t address my stress eating. But when i finally got the tools to do something different, my life changed. I started eating better, I started learning to handle my emotions without food. And for the first time started to notice what I actually felt, I’d eaten over my feelings for so long, I didn’t really know what it was like to be angry or sad, or lonely, or jealous, I never let myself feel these feelings, they were too uncomfortable. But when I did, a whole world opened up for me. And this is what I teach to my clients. How to eat well, know what foods work for them, and be able to handle their emotions without eating over them. And learn to manage their cravings. When there are cravings the body is out of balance, I no longer have cravings and when I do I know something is needed, and I address it. I want to share this for you too. I have tremendous freedom. I’m not perfect. Occasionally I over eat, eat too fast, I go out for dessert, eat pizza but it’s an entire pizza, or an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream. It’s empowering to know you don’t have to eat “diet food” to get results. I will teach you how.


Join Now:

Drop The Weight Stop

The Struggle 

90 Day Program

Here’s What You’ll Get:


  • 4 60 minute live calls per month (recorded if you can’t attend)

  • Private Facebook Group with 24/7 access
  • Accountability

  • You’ll learn about the best foods for you to eat

  • You’ll receive simple/quick recipes to prepare
  • The best ways to manage your stress
  • You’ll get the tools you need to move through the emotions that cause emotional triggers
  • You’ll learn to create a healthy relationship with eating and yourself
  • You’ll have fun connecting with others who are walking the same path and supporting you too!
  • You’ll be coached to achieve your best self ever!

Time is ticking…we begin September 26th 

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