3 Simple Steps To Live Your Best Self in 2018!

Take time to breath deeply, release daily worries & fears

that may hold you back.

Reconnect to Your Best Self


Leave with 3 steps to bring more peace and joy to your

daily life, empowering you to be more of YOU:)!



You’ll Discover:

  • How to create a 15 minute practice to deeper peace.
  • Tools for slowing down in 5 minutes to make you clearer and effective in your day.
  • A practice to connect you to your inner guidance.
  • Walk away feeling light free and renewed, with a vision for how to create more of this in your daily life.

You’ll move(light yoga):Go Within:Uncover Patterns holding you back:Know what to do to live your best self.

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  • Private Yoga Session

  • Essential Oils

  • & More

Stress, can lead to overwhelm, frustration,

confusion and sickness.


Get the feeling of being on vacation and discover ways to keep it going.


Sunday January 21st 1-4PM


Claudia Braun’s a Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher, aromatherapist helping women claim their best self. Passionate about helping women love themselves first.




Life is full of unpredictable, uncontrollable events, obligations,

demands, delights, adventures, risks… but what can be controlled

is the commitment and investment one makes in themselves

prioritizing their health and well being.



What I know for sure: Being well is a decision.

Living well is the bonus.

~ Oprah Winfrey



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They do say, “We are the company we keep”.

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