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You know life is about change but do you embrace it or resist it? Some years ago I had made a decision to be part of a group situation out of town,  based on certain information it seemed a good choice, but after I made my decision things changed, I no longer wanted to go, I regretted the decision and I didn’t want to go any longer, but I was too late things had already been set in motion, arrangements were made around my decision and I was in. I spent days wishing I hadn’t said yes, committing time and resources to something I felt resentful about, it took me out of my routine, things had changed since I had agreed to go… I had a choice to go with it or not, even being there I couldn’t let go of my view point, finding problems with the venues, the way things were being handled, affirming why I was right to not want to go, (but I was there) I had a choice, to continue lamenting my choice or… some time into being away, I phoned a friend and shared my “sorry situation”, and her wise response was you’re there, why not enjoy it?

How about you, do you find yourself making decisions you wish you hadn’t or regret decisions you made in the past and find yourself still lamenting your choices? Ever notice the situation doesn’t change , no matter how much you regret, wish for something different, obsess about it… But have you noticed when you finally say ok, perhaps this really was, is the best I could have done, or I made some choices that didn’t turn out well, and it’s time to let them go and let myself off the hook and accept it’s ok. Even though things didn’t go as I had wanted, hoped…

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