Are You Listening To Your Gut?

gratitudewebsiteThoughts precedes actions. But where does the thought come from? Our thinking is lead by our emotions and if we’re aren’t feeling good at peace aligned with ourselves our thinking starts to reflect it. Maybe we doubt our actions. Second guess what we’re doing? I recently joined a coaching program. I was very excited about. I was excited to be coached and guided with this person/program to expand my practice and have support doing it.

But there are a team of coaches in the program and the coach I felt a connection with wasn’t the person I’d be working with.

I agreed to work with the unknown person but after the first session, I didn’t feel a connection but I decided to give it one more session and I let her know my concerns. Even though I shared my concerns and she was great, my inner self still felt no, I don’t want to work with her. It doesn’t feel right.

This caused me a lot of inner angst because my mind kept saying you can make this be okay, it’s not how the program works, don’t want to make a problem, and I had heard great things about her… but I also made a year commitment and I didn’t want to dread the person I was to work with.

Than I thought if I had a child with this issue I’d make it right for her, and that’s what I did.

The lesson I took away and want to share; listen to what you feel, be true to your gut not your head. Exactly what I teach my clients. Your inner guidance is always right, listen and trust it. Love to hear your response.


P.S After my first session with my coach, couldn’t feel more grateful!!

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