Group Coaching Program For Women

Have you been a yo-yo dieter for years, down 20, up 10, down 15 up 20? If so, then you know Diets don’t work and are at best a temporary solution, that always leaves you feeling discouraged, and doubtful of ever finding a long term solution.

Well there is a solution and it is Beyond the Diet!
I’ve created a program designed to take you out of discouragement and doubt to clarity and freedom.

For years I, too, struggled with eating and weight. Food seemed like a trusted friend, always “there for me”. I ate over my feelings, the “good” and the “bad”. Through the years I tried many ways to change my eating but always ended up in the same place, feeling alone, miserable, obsessed and unable to find a solution. It wasn’t until I reached out to someone who could help me see things from a different perspective that my life changed.

If you’re like me, sick and tired of doing the same thing without getting results and know you need to do something different, this program is for you!


This is why diets don’t work. I’d love to help you experience a solution which will help you to achieve peace of mind with your body and your spirit. Imagine what your life would feel like with your eating and weight handled? Imagine feeling happy about being you, loving your body and knowing what you need to eat, and doing it.
How much would your life change? How much mental time would you free up? And how much more joy would you experience?

Through education, years of working with others, and personal experience I have created a program
that I know can work for you. I am ecstatic to share it with you because I want every woman to experience the freedom she deserves.

Let fall be your new beginning! Gain peace of mind knowing you know what to do and are doing it. Get tools to lose the weight that is weighing you down and learn to change the thinking which is keeping you stuck.

Benefit from a solid eating plan, nutritional education, self care practices, emotional support, group support and accountability. This plan is designed to have you feel and look your best, cultivating your thinner version!

If diets worked, you wouldn’t be reading this.
The combination of eating with guidance, and support to work through the emotional changes, will be your game changer! Food is only part of the story, you deserve a plan that works!

Awaken Your Thin Self,
Leave Stress and Emotional Eating Behind
Beyond the Diet:
A Four Week Group Program For Women:

Beyond the Diet includes:

  • 4, 1. 5 hour group coaching sessions to guide, motivate and encourage you to keep going to reach your goals and support you through personal issues.
  • Daily Food Suggestions
  • Group Support and Accountability
  • Weekly recipe guide
  • Closed Facebook group especially for you!

When: Thursday October 29th, Through November 19th (right before the holidays).
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm Central Time
Where: Ever you are (we meet virtually).

This program is Valued at $550, I am offering this at a reduced fee, as I want you to have every reason to say YES!
What’s the value of feeling amazing, with a spring in your step, sparkling eyes, clear skin? Being free of pain, free of cravings? Fitting into your clothes comfortably and feeling empowered to live in alignment with your health
What’s the price of being healthy? To feel this good…is priceless!

Cost, one time payment of $250 everything included.

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2 payments of $150.
$150 Now Buy Now Buttonand $150 November 4th.


Pay Now with PAYPAL, to receive your e-book, list of foods, recipes, and a goals form to be completed and gone over during your first session.
You deserve to feel amazing, I am excited to be supporting you to becoming your best self.




Here’s what my client Les experienced during my program: She came to me saying I only eat 1200 calories a day and still I’m not losing weight. In working with me, she lost 30 pounds, and gained; self esteem, joy, confidence, greater mobility, she could crawl around with her grandkids, better sleep, ease in her movement, pride in her ability to learn and grow beyond her past beliefs, proving at 60 plus she could do it!
My busy lawyer mom client: I’ve always been challenged with making healthy eating choices, I started working with Claudia to learn more about nutrition with a goal to lose ten pounds. I began my journey with Claudia right at Thanksgiving and received her sound approach and techniques through the holidays. I learned how to eat more consistently throughout the day, which made for more conscious food planning and less emotional eating. I also learned to proactively understand my emotional eating issues and implemented some important time management techniques to add more workouts to my weekly schedule. Not only did I not gain weight during the holidays this year, I lost weight after the holiday season. I thank Claudia for coaching me through this important transition in my life to make me more consciously connected to food and a healthier lifestyle for the future!!”


You deserve to feel amazing, I am excited to be supporting you to your best self.


Braun_claresCommon Questions:


I’ve done cleanses before will I be able to eat real food?

Yes, you’ll be eating good food easy to prepare most meals in under 15 minutes preparation time.

I don’t like Kale.

It’s not a requirement for you to eat foods you don’t like, there are many options to consider when it comes to meals.

I don’t have a lot of time.

Perfect, this program will help you learn to make the most of the time you have to begin to include daily practices to increase your health and well being.


I don’t like to cook.

Recipes can be modified and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare meals with little to no cooking.

I have trouble sharing in a group.

What is said is up to you, the group is intended for support and accountability intending to support you to reach your goals.


Additonal questions, please contact me. Would love to have you in the group, you deserve to move beyond your stuckness!

Cost, one time payment of $250 everything included.

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2 payments of $150.
$150 Now Buy Now Buttonand $150 November 4th.

Look forward to working together!

Hugs to you,



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