picmeincalikitchennameFor years this happened: Go out, not have a good time, think about how great it would be when I got home, mentally going through the cabinets and the fridge. As soon as I got home, I’d begih sampling wanting to get the right flavor going, then I’d sit down, when the food was gone, I’d be up looking for what’s next. Eventually sitting there in a daze, for a little while I was comforted and protected from my unhappiness and loneliness. ( But it never made me feel very good for very long.)

As I’m working at home, I’m reminded, the fridge doesn’t call to me, I don’t walk in and go to the kitchen, I don’t stare into space eating endless bowls of cereal, chased with ice cream. This is no small thing.

What changed? Me, and how I began prioritizing myself. I decided I was willing to feel, and sometimes that meant I was unhappy, sad, lonely, uncomfortable, happy, insecure… I had used food to cover them all, and than I’d two problems, the feelings and the weight gain.

How do you deal with your kitchen, when you’re home does your kitchen call to you?

What is your line of defense to keep from giving in?

If the kitchen “danger zone”,¬†what steps do you need to take to succeed?

How does your thinking need to change for you to stop using food to cover your emotions, to stop turning to food for companionship?

My tip: notice what is happening on a regular basis that causes you to start thinking about food and dive into food as soon as you come home? It will start to give you clues on what is your next step!

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