womanatcomputerYesterday I noticed there was a new book on curing fear. I began thinking of all the books I own which have spoken about fear….. A Course In Miracles Says The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. The Book of Alcoholics Anonymous speaks of fear as causing as much damage as stealing because of all the trouble it causes in their lives, and there are 64 references to needing to be released from fear to stay sober!  Pema Chodron, a buddhist nun wrote The Places That Scare You, teaching through buddhist practice how to own the fear and move with it. Another book called Love is Letting Go of Fear,I bought over 20 years ago by Jerold Jampolsky a simple amazing book based on A Course In Miracles. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, speaks to the nature of moving through it.

Two acronyms I know for fear, are False,  Evidence,  Appearing, Real and F*, Everything And Run, listening to either not the best practice.  I’m intimate with the subject , knowing if you listen to fear, it’ll keep you stuck and small, and far away from your true self. Like what you’re reading, stay connected with free stuff!

When fear appears it wraps around you, with anxiety a close second, because as you start believing the lies of fear, you start to feel the anxiety and the dynamic duo begin mounting. It’s like a one two punch.  One feeding the other, fear into anxiety, leading to greater fear,  have you noticed the feelings can feel so powerful that the only way to squelch them, is with a great anesthetizer?  Distractions, like sugar and carby foods, perfect sedative for taking you away from the edgy feeling, squelching the voice which says go hear, try this, maybe this… Food will  “protect” you from what you from what you think is causing the fear, but it will only mask it’s voice, a temporary solution to the bigger issue.  But such a great drug, free, readily available and lethal!

Once you begin noticing things can begin to change. Why not give yourself the gift of listening, and being heard? If you’re running and the talk in your mind is non stop with little room for breathing, I invite you to let me be part of your solution to moving beyond the fear, anxiety and food to find a better way. There is a much better way. Let’s stay connected.