essentialoilbottlewithflowersIndulgence: Merriam Webster offers

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  • Too add to satisfy to fulfill to appease.
  • Behavior or attitude of people who allow themselves to do what they want or who allow other people to do what they want.
  •  Act of doing something that you enjoy but that is usually thought of as wrong or unhealthy
  • Something that is done or enjoyed as a special pleasure

When it comes to health, eating, weight loss, mindfulness practices, people usually think deprivation, what you have to give up, stop doing, can’t have!  One of my clients told me “I’m used to thinking of what I have to give up, not what to include!” As I said to him the more you think can’t, don’t the more you want to! You’re resistance and self sabotage will bombard you. Like what you’re ready stay connected & get my free ebook!

Think about it, would you rather give things up or focus on what you can indulge in? Me, I’m all for indulging.  I give you permission,  indulge!!! Let me know the results. Leave a comment.

  • Essential oilspower of scent connects to our emotional center indulge in yummy transforming oils. transformation

  • Bath; get in a tub, relax, restore, engage with the transforming power of water.
  • Nap, love the research it’s not only an indulgence it’s also essential.
  • Go unplugged– give yourself the indulgence of space, open time to not be oh so tapped in.
  • Turn off your phone– indulge in silence and step away from the outside noise.
  • Fresh Flowers In The House- indulge your visual senses with colors, and smells, aliveness.
  • Sleep In– take a day where you wake up when you wake up, no alarm, no to do list…
  • Catch up with a friend– with all the busyness so easy to loose connection, listen, share, forget time.
  • Read a Novel– just cause it’s fun, transport yourself to another culture, time, place, escape…
  • IMG_0805Long walk in nature, let nature transform you, indulge you, envelope your senses, let yourself be carried by the experience.
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