gratitudemynameLast night my BF and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, had a great meal, some interesting conversations and I felt really well fed when we left the restaurant. But later at home doing paper work I started feeling really hungry, and the “healthy treat” my friend gave me for the holiday’s started sounding like a great idea.


Here’s how my inner dialogue went “ I’m hungry, it’s healthy”, “It was Chinese food it’s never filling”, “It’s not that late”, “That’s what it’s there for, to eat…


But, also, I realized I was really tired and it was late, and eating before bed isn’t a good plan for me, because in the past it’s when I did most of my binge eating. I’m usually a bit suspect when it’s late and I’m thinking more food is a good idea.


So rather than get hung up in should I shouldn’t I, I decided to pour a glass of non- dairy milk with cinnamon and stevia as a light treat, and then began getting ready for bed. I was really happy with my decision but again the annoying inner dialogue persisted, “you won’t be able to sleep”.


In truth, I slept great, I wasn’t starving in the night or in the morning, I felt grateful for my choice.


Love to hear your experience with eating at night, or your inner dialogue.