waterfall-rappelling-83162__180I’m not an adventure seeker but I appreciate new challenges.

Traveling in Costa Rica with my boyfriend he suggested we go water fall rappelling, his brother said it was the highlight of his trip, I was intrigued and agreed to go. Could’ve checked out  the details before we went but I figured it sounded fun, I love water, it’ll be beautiful, and so we get wet, doesn’t seem to difficult.

We traveled to the site with 68 other people in two buses. Going over bumpy dirt roads, being tossed about from side to side, traveling up narrow roads higher and higher.

Finally arriving at the site we were greeted with harnesses to step into, hooks dangling from our waist, and a pair of gloves. Safe in the congregating area we were given the instructions, “keep your legs hip width apart hold your right hand behind you and your left hand on the rope in front of you”.  As a good student, I practiced the technique thinking sure sounds good. From there we were taken up a narrow path following each other one by one to our destination.

We arrived and waited in line for our turn. Ahead of us were a group of young women; we watched as they went down first.

Seeing them, my heart sank and I was gripped with fear.

We were seven stories above the ground I looked over and saw my boyfriend’s blanched face it registered the fear I was feeling too.

It was now my turn at the tip of the cliff the young guide with the sweet smile, and Spanish accent, said turn around and lean back.

“Turn around and lean back?” My first thought, NO!

But I couldn’t turn back, it was clear we’d be safe, but every ounce of dread and fear rose up, I was reminded of being four years old standing on the high dive in swimming lessons at OPRF high school where I was told to jump. No less scarey more than 40 years later!

Turning towards the mountain following the man’s instructions, gripping the rope he said, let go. I had turned around and was straddling the mountain, I was proud of having accomplished it, now I also had to let go!

Again he said, “let go”.  In my mind I was letting go, but again he said “let go”. I knew than, this is life.

We are guided, supported and put in the best position to move forward, our job is to let go, no matter how scarey it may feel!

Sometimes we may need to hear it more than once, Let Go!

I’m happy to say after repelling the first water fall the next three, easier!

How about you, ever feel you are letting go but in reality, you’re still gripping? Need  support in letting go? Would love to hear!