Love pizza but think “I can’t eat it to lose weight” read this!

IMG_0478For the next six weeks, I’m addressing frequently asked questions from you about struggles with weight loss. Do you have a question, let me know. Struggling, get a complimentary health session, find out what’s in the way of your healthy self.

Dear Claudia,

I struggle because I love pizza, I really want to eat it but I know if I’m not conscious of what I’m eating all the time, I gain weight. I can’t eat pizza I look at a pizza and I gain weight. I know it’s so bad it has gluten, and dairy and I’m not supposed to eat it right? I know I should just accept I can never eat pizza there’s plenty of other foods and it’s plain old not healthy.


Craving Pizza in Sussex


Dear Craving Pizza in Sussex,


I hear your dilemma. I also understand you really want to be healthy and you really love pizza and it seems the two are mutually exclusive. So let’s talk about a couple of things which are going on here. 1. You believe if you don’t eat “healthy all the time” you will surely gain weight. “ But I want to ask you is this true? Because really it’s not what you do occasionally which is the problem it’s what you do all the time that creates the problem. So if 90% of the time you eat well and you feel good about what you’re eating, go ahead indulge your desire to eat really good pizza, enjoy it, no guilt about it! Enjoy your desire and your right to occasionally eat a piece of pizza which seems to bring you so much pleasure it’s really okay. Even if most of the time you choose to not eat gluten and dairy enjoy the time in which you deliberately decide to make a different choice. But the difference is you are in charge not the pizza. Struggling, get a complimentary health session, find out what’s in the way of your healthy self.

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Craving Pizza in Sussex, I hope this helps, let me know your experience I look forward to hearing!

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