If your New Year’s resolutions was to finally handle your weight, stop reacting in your relationships or stop eating over not having one, and now, 6 months into the New Year, your weight, finances, and your self care are at best in the same place as last year, but if you’re really honest they’re probably worse.


  • If thinking about your weight, makes you feel bad, so you don’t.
  • And If you struggle to follow through with healthy living and wonder what it’s going to take to do it…
  • And if you know your weight holds you back because it sucks your confidence plus “you know” people judge you for your weight, (because you judge you for your weight).
  • If you’re getting sick of all your excuses, for why you can’t…
  • If you know you can’t afford another 10 pounds this year, but you’re heading in that direction!


Isn’t it time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results?


You know diets don’t work, you’ve tried them, you’ve lost the weight temporarily, but sooner rather than later it’s back with even more, and now you’re ready for a plan that’ll permanently change your life, not a quick fix.

How would your life change if you didn’t have cravings, had more energy, had clear thinking, and could naturally lose the weight?


What if you stopped reacting to life and starting responding from appreciation and love?


And what if you saw life’s opportunities all around you and were attracting the best experiences and opportunities into your life?


What if you were given a (realistic) magic wand for your happiest, healthiest, loving life?


Where would your weight, your health, your relationships and your finances be?


How much happier, alive and excited about you would you be?


Did you know the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and secondly we all want to improve ourselves?


But only 58% of us maintain this after the 4th week, we’re in the 6th month!


I believe eating- living, connections with others and money are all relationships. The better you feel about YOU…your eating, your weight all of YOU, the better your personal, and financial relationships are too!


What do you think it takes to reach your desire for your happiest life?


Probably you need to change habits sabotaging your success.


But habits are hard to change, it’s why, most people make the same resolution every year, maybe you’ve done it? Before I handled my eating, weight, misery, I’d gain and lose weight routinely, it was my preoccupation, and even though I may’ve dropped some weight, eventually I’d end up where I’d been but feeling even worse about myself, because there’s nothing worse than blowing it again. And the reason it didn’t work, because I hadn’t really changed, I had lost weight, but I was still the same inside.


It wasn’t until I committed to a life of living, thinking and believing differently that my life changed, permanently, I did what it took to get results.


And if you commit to getting the support, the education, accountability and clearing the emotional blocks that keep you stuck and have you sabotaging your success, you’ll get weight loss, a better relationship with your self, and those in your life and it’ll create personal and financial abundance. Guaranteed, if you follow this formula your life will change.


We get better together, we stay stuck alone, you deserve to get better! If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.


To get the results you crave, set yourself up to win, stop doing what doesn’t work. As Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.


There’s a path waiting for you, with the tools, guide and  companions to support you to create the body, lifestyle and  way of being, of your dreams.


Join  Food, Money & Me, a group to move you beyond your excuses and stuck places, there you’ve a safe place to be seen, heard and encouraged to grow.

As Joanne says part of my current group

Claudia is a dynamic coach, and has created a supportive group where I am comfortable sharing my authentic self. I’ll never forget the power of hearing Claudia say, “I’ll be there 110% for you.” That was a wake-up call for me to show up for myself. The group has been a supportive place where we share what’s going on in our lives, our challenges and our successes. In addition to the live on-line support, I love all the helpful resources Claudia shares with us – recipes, meditations etc… You don’t need to do everything to make positive change. Small consistent changes make a difference over time. I’m moving my body more, feel less anxious and have a much healthier relationship with myself and food. And an added bonus… I haven’t had a cold in over 6 months!

Time is ticking…we begin June 20th at 7-8:30PM, virtually.


Cost for 6 months $647 full pay, sign up here

Full pay also includes a 1:1 private session

Cost for 6 monthly payments $149 sign up here


Once you sign up, all the information will be sent to you for your first group!

So excited to have you join us!!

If you still need more info, let’s schedule a quick call and see what’s right for you.

With love,