IMG_0737Teaching a seminar last night, the topic was New Years Resolutions, do they or don’t they work? Thoughts??

A Marist poll predicts 44% of us will make resolutions for 2015, but research from University of Scranton predicts 8% of people actually achieve their goals! Interesting we keep making these goals given these stats.

Timothy Pychyl of Ottawa Canada said “resolutions are a form of cultural procrastination”. He also believes “they’re a way to reinvent ourselves”. Peter Herman emeritus professor at Toronto University, said, “when people’s resolutions are significantly unrealistic and are out of alignment with their internal view of themselves, they have false hope syndrome”. Both of these speak to the deep dissatisfaction many of us have with our selves. Most resolutions fail because they start with the false assumption who we are is not good enough. Like what you’re reading let’s stay connected.

Would your resolutions be different if you began with the thought “who I am as I am, is good enough”. Think Yoga, which means union, a union with yourself. Seeing yourself as whole and good enough.

As a group we discussed what it would be like to make resolutions from a different place. Going within, going to the emotional space where you feel your wholeness, beyond the mind which sees what’s wrong or needs to change, but where one feels desire.

I gave each woman a drop of tranquil essential oil on their wrist, and lead them through a breathing meditation.

I lead three different groups, each found the experience to be restorative, relaxing and  the oil gave them access to feelings and thoughts they wouldn’t have had before.

A couple of the women commented on how “they kept smelling the oil during the meditation which was deeply relaxing, and it brought up things they wouldn’t have considered before”. One woman was keenly aware “I’m so  busy, always running here and there, it was so powerful to smell the oil and be able to meditate,” even in a space which wasn’t completely quiet. Let’s stay connected.

tranquil1Tranquil, has soothing essential oils of lavender, cedarwood, and Roman chamomile.