Dear Claudia,


I’ve done detoxes, weight watchers, OA, Jenny Craig, and Seattle Sutton, but honestly, losing weight isn’t the problem, it comes back after I the “program”.  I like what you’re offering but how will it be any different than what I’ve done? I see the testimonials on your website of how the program worked for others but not sure it’ll work for me. I’ve done so many things can’t imagine what you have is any different, just want to be honest.




Honesty is the best practice


Dear Honesty,


I appreciate your honesty, great question! So many people I talk with, similar to myself have done lots of diets and maybe you think well they weren’t all diets, weight watchers isn’t a diet, is it. But really if the program is only about food and doesn’t address all the aspects of you than how could things in your life really change? You’d only be addressing the symptom. An alcoholic isn’t an alcoholic solely because he/she drinks to much, they’re an alcoholic because they use alcohol to address their problems. This is the difference between a diet and a full program. What you and I can do  together is address, foods and your relationship to eating and also look at the whole of your life.

How well you take care of you, make time for you,  in addition to food, food is only one piece of the great you which makes up Honesties life.

Think of your life as a circle of categories; your relationships, work, home, spiritual, home cooking, exercise, creativity… and any other area you value, if any one of them (your primary foods), is out of balance than your secondary foods (what you eat for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks,) will also be out of balance.

I’d like to support you to create greater balance between your primary and secondary foods and support the joy of you, while you bring your food and body, into greater balance.

Honesty you deserve to feel amazing all the time not just because you’re “good” doing “the diet”. I’d love to offer you a mini session, let’s explore how we can create something different.


Honesty Is The Best Practice, Big hug and thanks for the question!