womanatcomputerMy client was talking about her old job and her 80 hour work weeks, multi-tasking, moving from task to task, with zero time to reflect or consider what was best, upon reflecting with me she realized “we’re all in a state of self neglect”!

Do You suffer from any of these 10 things? You may be too!

1) Multi- tasking all day: you’ve multiple devices going simultaneously, when having a conversation you’re also looking at a device.

2) Long work hours- you’re working non stop and when there’s downtime you’re catching up.

3) Sleep deprived- most of the time if you’re really honest you’re really tired and could use a long sleep.

4) Meals on the fly- when you remember to eat it’s on the go, to fit in between the next thing you’re doing.

5) No self-care – you can’t remember what that means, or why you’d want it, it’s a distant memory or reserved for when you take a vacation.

6) Exhaustion/overwhelm/ stress constant state- with your extensive to do list and need to get things done, your in exhaustion most of the time, and stress feels like your constant companion.

7) Work through pain- feel exhausted and overwhelmed but the idea of stopping would cause you to have to question what you’re actually experiencing.

8) No Idea how you feel- someone asks how you are, your automatic response is fine because you don’t really know.

9) Anger/irritation/unhappiness- is a constant companion, people move to slow for you, they don’t do things right…

10) Robotic- life feels like your a human doing rather than a human being, like a machine you ask unreasoanable demands, with little time for down time. Like what you’re reading, stay connected get my free ebook too:)!

It's Time To Love You!But There’s An Antidote!:

1) Take time to acknowledge what you’re doing

2) Do One thing at a time, studies have shown multi-tasking doesn’t work, you actually achieve less.

3) Schedule YOU time, if you don’t schedule it, it wont’ happen. Time to read a book, take a walk in nature, take a bath, play with your dog, listen to a beautiful piece of music, make art, see a movie.

4) Smile more, just because, studies show when you smile you decrease your stress, the reverse is true as well.

5) Say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes, agreeing to do too many things can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion.

6) Schedule a day where you commit to not working and enjoying yourself, family, friends.’

7) Decide to eat well, just because it’ll make your brain work better, begin to repair your body, and improve your mood. Seek support to keep your commitment.

8) Read inspirational writings, the more you begin to take in other ideas the more the stress and exhaustion can begin to dissipate.

9) Meditate when the mind is over taxed, it exhausts and depletes the body’s ability to work well. Immune system is depressed, anxiety, depression increases, sleep is impaired, meditation is the medication to your over busy mind. Even five minutes a day, makes a difference.

10) Move, the body loves to move, dance, walk, bike, take time to move around it’ll get your energy moving, bring more endorphins to your brain which stimulates your ability to relax and feel pleasure.

Like what you’re reading, stay connected get my free ebook too:)!



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