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My top three goals working with Claudia were to lose weight, eat better, and get healthier. In six months of working together, I lost 30 pounds, stopped my six cans of daily diet cokes, got away from packaged foods, and lost my cravings. Even when life was busy and stressful I was able to maintain my new habits; in the past during stressful times, I’d gain weight. Claudia’s program and upbeat attitude helped change the way I think. I learned I’d wrong ideas about food, I thought I was doing everything right; eating 1200 calories a day, feeling deprived but it didn’t work and I didn’t lose weight

Leslie Thompson

Wheeling, Illinois

I binge-ate and was yo-yo-ing my entire life. One of Claudia’s initial questions was, “What’s stopping you?” We then began our journey of investigating what was behind all the stress and uncontrolled eating. I’d never done this before! It’s such a blessing for a coach to look at everything about my lifestyle, not just certain facets. We began to “peel back” the layers of what eating means and ways to be more mindful and stop sabotaging myself.

As I’ve shared more with Claudia, the weight has come off of my body and my spirit. I’m a lighter being as a result. She’s the real deal!

Barb C. Evanston


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I believe in your ability to succeed and achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve been craving. 

You are not a failure and your past is not your future! I understand how frustrating it can be to make a significant health change, I’ve been there! My services will align your mind, body, and spirit making you feel healthier, lighter, and free.


If you’re frustrated trying to lose weight and want to heal your relationship with food, it’s time to get support.

Private Yoga 

Enhance your flexibility, strength, and inner security while awakening your spine and opening your limbs and joints.

Essential Oils 

All natural options for all aspects of your health and vitality, essential oils are an ideal match in your holistic health plan.

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