1. Turn off the news ~ Have you noticed how the news tells us how bad the world is? When I IMG_1746would listen to the news I would feel anxious and afraid, because the world is so scarey. (Personally I can manufacture that myself without someone exaggerating that condition)
  2. Turn off the TV~ The fast pace of the TV, the bombardment of advertising, all set us up to want more and move faster, and numb out from our inner-selves.
  3. Do Yoga ~ Which calms the busy mind, relaxes the autonomic nervous system taking us out of the fight or flight mode, which takes away the revved up pace of the world, which can make us feel like we are on constant adrenaline. Which can reek havoc on the adrenal system.
  4. Use Essential Oils ~ Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic part of the brain the home of our emotional center, aromatherapy inhaled, reaches our brain causing an immediate response, feeling better, calmer more relaxed, and at peace.
  5. Meditate ~ The act of stopping to go within, slows us down and we have a chance of quieting the mind even if it is for 1-2 minutes, it is enough to shift our perspective,  reminding us of what is important.
  6. Cooking ~ When I cook my own food, it slows me down,  the rhythmic chopping and processing of food, the process of the time it takes, brings us into the moment, very self nourishing.
  7. Prayer ~ Remembering to bring a source bigger then myself into my life reminds me that it is not the world according to me. Personally,  I get along better in the world, I am better able to appreciate all that is happening, plus being better able to hear my intuitive voice.
  8. Walking ~ Taking time to get out into nature, shifts the mind, opens our senses, listening to sounds, trees rustling, birds singing, water rushing, dogs barking, or seeing the trees, the ground, the sky, the sun, moon it all again shifts us into a slower more connected place.
  9. Journaling ~ Sitting down to write takes the attention to what is going on, it allowing us to put it down on paper, taking it out of the mind, whatever is troubling us becomes evident, usually a solution surfaces then again we are free.journaling_within-artsy
  10. Sharing life with friends ~ Letting friends into my inner world allows me to be authentic, reminding me I am not alone, I am cared for and that in the sharing there is healing.