7 Days to Freedom EbookDeclare this your day of transformation

3 Keys To Transformation

Make this your day of Independence! Why wait until the next 4th of July, because today can be the day you feel completely free and liberated, and why not step onto your path to self- actualization? 

And since this is about Freedom why not create your own
personal declaration? 


To be Free of:

  • Foods that hurt you
  • Feelings that make you feel bad about yourself
  • Drinks that add too much sugar
  • Using alcohol to cover emotions
  • Situations that no longer feed you

3 Keys For Your Declaration (To Your Transformation)



1. Decide you’re ready… there’s power in your decision.

2. Ask yourself does this food/drink lead to self love or will it make me feel bad about myself?

3. Listen to your emotions: if your emotions lead you to food, get curious about your feelings, listen to them. They’re there to guide you. Forcing yourself to push through them, or eating to dull and avoid them, won’t help you. Because when you do that, you bypass the real reason you’re eating, and eating’ll make you feel bad about yourself, plus you’ll feel gross.


So, Beautiful, when you notice you feel sad, lonely, tired…


and immediately want to eat, pause and ask yourself: what’s going on? 

There’s gold in your response and… 


You’re worth the time, and do it now it’s the only time you have. 


To your personal Freedom!

And To Keep Moving Forward



Food Freedom

On your path to Freedom:

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