Wednesday I was at a woman’s event and we all went around the table sharing what we do, and I said I work with women who’re great at taking care of others, (their kids, their partners, their clients, but when it comes to themselves, not so good), and I help them get themselves to the top of their list.

One woman said to me after the meeting, I don’t even make it to the list, and she laughed.

But really day after day of this is really exhausting. No wonder you feel stressed, exhausted, uninspired and if honest, depressed.

Having a long list of to do’s and never feeling like there’s time for you
doesn’t engender an inspired life.

Thinking the only way you get time for you is to take a vacation has you living in the future.

When I get time off than

But what about now?

And, in truth, now’s all there is and how you do now is how you’re doing everything.

Ever wonder why it can be hard to relax even when you go on vacation? There you are in the beautiful place it’s all been arranged, but there’s still a buzz going on?

When you’re so used to being on go it can be really hard to return to YOU. And eventually it catches up to you and why so many people hit 50 and suddenly notice they don’t feel good, it’s hard to get going they’re tired but wired…It isn’t how you are intended to thrive.

My Top 3 tips for getting you back onto your list and increasing your inner YES to life…

1. Take a Pause
Going so fast from, activity to activity, creates a separation from your inner guidance. And when you take a pause before your next action, you slow down enough to tune into your body. Which will allow you to get a gauge on what you really need. If you’re moving so fast you’ve no idea if you’re tired, hungry, afraid, angry…you’re on automatic pilot. And that can stop you from making the best decisions for you. And add to your feeling exhausted and why it feels like there’s no time to breathe.

2. Say NO
No, is a full sentence. It doesn’t need an explanation, it requires you to consider what you really want to do with your time. And it may mean someone is disappointed but you’ll start to feel your shoulders move away from your ears. And connect you to your yippee, because you just chose you!

3. Schedule you time
Saying you’re going to: workout, eat well, clear the clutter, meditate, do yoga… won’t happen unless you schedule it. Make it an appointment you keep like when you’re meeting your BFF. Make it non-negotiable. (It’s okay if you feel guilty, you may until it becomes a habit). Guilt isn’t an indication you should quit.

Let me know how it goes.


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