What you do first thing in the morning is the key to health or disease. Read on for 3 tips to your healthy morning routine, and make it work for you! Because you have the power to determine your health.

Mini check…does your morning routine look like turning on the news, grabbing a cup of Joe, picking up a donut or a “Mcsomething” on the way to work?


Then here’s a turn around for you!

Your mind is ripe and ready when you first open your eyes, (think little kid all groggy and alive ready for what’s next).

But add caffeine, sugar, fear, worry, aggression (world news), running out the door, you’re setting yourself up for battle.

And when you Open your mouth and reach for …

you’re choosing health or disease, it’s simple.

And you have the power to choose foods and ideas to neutralize your body and ultimately your thinking in a healthy way.  Just like a garden needs balanced soil for a fertile season, so does does your gut. When you make life enhancing choices there’s a big pay off to your health!

Clearer thinking, being more productive, you move easier, you have good blood sugar (no diabetes),  and you feel more chill. AKA a healthy life!

Check out this water study it shows you how closely connected what you’re thinking connects to how healthy you feel.

As a person who’s been creating a healthy morning routine for decades, I know the difference between when I do these things and when I opt out. Grateful to say more days then not I opt in, and for me it’s like brushing my teeth, I don’t want to miss it. Because I feel better and it’s an investment in the tone of my day and I believe you too deserve to feel great. And if you’re not setting yourself up for success, then, you’ll want to try this out.

And the other things about a healthy morning routine, is simple steps mean a lot. And the more you do it the better you feel, and the easier it is to keep doing it.

Leave a comment I’d love to hear how this works for you.

 These 3 Things Are The Key To Your
Health Morning Routine

Take this on Daily For Vitality & Energy

1. Lemon water, begin your day with this expect, greater energy, fewer mood swings, lower sugar cravings…

2. 5 minute simple breathing/meditation: if you’re thinking you’ve tried and can’t do it, this will make it doable.

3. Simple Breakfast options & words to live by