30 Day Guide To Living Free of Stress & Emotional Eating!



Ready To Stop The Struggle

To Release Emotional and Stress Eating? 


 Food Freedom 30 Day Guide

Is Your Answer To Freedom

from Stress and Emotional Eating!


After years of working through my out of balance eating and my relationship with my body, and working with  health coaching clients, I’ve found certain daily routines necessary to transform the relationship with eating.

If you do this daily for the next 30 days you’ll begin to transform your relationship with eating and your life. In this guide, you’ll find the support and guidance I’ve offered my private coaching clients. And this format is portable, no matter what your life looks like, you can practice this for the next 30 day!

I’m excited for you to take the next 30 days committed to changing your relationship with eating and yourself. My intention is these tools bring you the same hope and success that they’ve brought my clients and myself.

What’s in the 30 Day Guide?

You’ll find
  • Daily quotes.
  • Recipes.
  • Daily reminders and suggestions for self care.
  • Aromatherapy benefits and suggestions for incorporating them into your life.
  • Daily encouragement to remind you to keep going for what you want!

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