was talking with my friend Marcy, who was down on herself and discouraged anything would work for her to lose weight.  She had tried many things, but inevitably (in her mind) she just got bigger. I felt really sad listening to her, she is smart, successful, gregarious, funny, so much going for her, but she feels embarrassed about her size, and her weight whenever she meets anyone.

It is so easy to be really good at breaking promises to yourself,  promising yourself it is going to be different this time you will follow the “diet”, commit to the gym, you are all gung hoe about how this time…but here you are again, staring down at the increasing numbers on the scale tight clothes, the self hatred, wishing for the nineteenth thousandth time it were different. That is where self doubt seeps in and it’s easy to go the way of my friend and give up in discouragement, and self hatred, but that isn’t the answer. Like what you are reading, get free updates + free recipes + more!

The 4 step approach to the road back to self trust:

1. Accept Yourself look in the mirror and say ok, maybe I haven’t made the best decisions up until now, I see that, I accept I’ve learned from the experiences.  I am smarter now,  I may not be doing as well as I would like or the size I wish I were, but I can see how I got here.  I also see I will find no peace with myself until I look in the mirror and accept myself exactly as I am. Warts, weight, wrinkles, rolls, the whole deal…

2. Surrender give up in the struggle of trying without a sense of failure, with a willingness to accept, you don’t have the answer.  Because as Einstein said the mind that created the problem can not solve the problem. To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power. Whatever you believe something larger than you brought you here, surrender to that inner guru that has guidance for you.

3. Forgive Yourself for the choices you have made. The way you have treated yourself. So often it is much easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself, but you need your forgiveness. It is the key to your being able to move on in a different direction. The grudge, the anger, self loathing,  will keep you stuck. “What you resist persists”!

IMG_01654. Appreciation for the dear precious being you are! Most of the time it’s easier to look in the mirror with judgement, see what’s wrong. Now, look in the mirror and see the inner child the innocence that lies within the pure love and pure goodness of your highest self. Extend the love to the reflection in the mirror as you would to an innocent child. Because within you is the innocence that needs care, nurturing and attention.

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The time to change is now, it starts with accepting you, I honor you for your courage, brilliance and willingness. Like what you are reading, get free updates + free recipes + more!