Does what you eat, put you in a guilt, self loathing, judgmental, spin? Are you”shoulding on you”? You know, “I really should”…”I really shouldn’t”…

Notice, the more rules and restrictions the more you wanna say “F it”? You don’t need a wagging finger, telling you how bad you are, you need encouragement! 

Psych Study, measured how negative feedback effects us:

  • 34% become less motivated and don’t work as hard when their work has been criticized.
  • 39% feel degraded when someone points out their mistakes.
  • 66% admit that they are hard on themselves when they fail, and will dwell on it.

Soak up the good stuff, compliments, positive experiences, say yes to daily indulgences!  Indulge away!

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My top 5 Indulgences:

1. Music ... Love, love, love listening to music, to sing with or jump up and move to. Music is a powerful transformer. “Music alone creates drug-like effects in your brain, but there are many other factors that can change how it affects your brain”. University Press Next time you are reaching for carbs, or sugar which have an opiate effect on your brain, how about music?

IMG_30182. Dancing initiates dancing. I know you’re saying, I can’t/don’t dance, that’s for “other people”. I encourage you to try it. Move your hips, move your feet, sway back and forth, listen and move. I once had a dance teacher say ” listen to the music, feel the beat, it’s all you need to dance. Try it & let me know!

Remember Happy Feet? Seems impossible to not smile when you dance, even if you feel stupid, go for it!

 3Nature, feeling low need a boost? Take a look outside, I was recently in the grand canyon, reminder of life’s amazing natural wonders.  IMG_0335Chicago, too is surrounded by beauty, like this butterfly’s connection to the lilac.

IMG_03604. Meditate ~ If you haven’t tried meditating, now is the time, begin! Nothing better then sitting for 5 minutes, listening with your eyes closed to the sounds. As I am writing I hear the birds, what a soothing, comforting, sound. Give yourself the peace that can come with only 5 minutes. If you need a guide they are a great resource.

IMG_06525. Nap during the day~ what a treat, to give it up, and lay your head down and welcome the break to restore your senses. 15-20 minutes. If you aren’t a napper which by nature I am not, but  every once in awhile how yummy. You?

 Bonus: Indulgence and a daily go to for me!

6eblast_septemberpromo1. Essential Oils: Smell something good. Essential oils effect your happiness factor.  Essential oils have the power to connect to the limbic part of the brain, our emotional center. A few minutes with an oil, can radically change your perspective. Try it:) Study with Bergamot essential oil was effective for anxiety reduction of mild depression subjects, plus reducing pain in cancer subjects. Joy’s a blend, with Bergamot, plus, a couple like geranium, rose; highest in increasing your emotional vitality, it is one of lifes true “guilty pleasures”.


Comment below let me know your experience with them!