healthy mealSo you are all excited to start your new Diet, you bought the food, you bought new work out clothes maybe a book to tell you how and what to eat then…then about day five, someone asks you, “how it’s going”… you can’t remember what they are talking about? Has this ever happened to you? It used to happen to me, so excited, then feeling bad about myself and hopeless.

5 Reasons Diets Don’t Work:

1.¬† d : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight <going on a diet> from Websters Dictionary ~ problem with this is that the sparingly sets you up to feel deprived¬†¬† leading to over consumption and rewarding from feeling deprived, since you have been good ” you deserve a reward” food that you weren’t eating, now you can because you now have “earned it” and the cycle begins.

2. A diet is a prescribed formula someone else has determined will work. It is putting on something outside yourself and saying this will work for me because it worked for say Rachel Ray. But you aren’t Rachel Ray, you are you, with different lifestyle, different hormonal system, different digestive system, what your body needs is not what this person has determined will work. It again is a set up to fail, it is like someone saying this shoe is perfect because it worked for me, but that isn’t your foot each of our bodies has has it’s unique needs, preferences, desires our individuality, essential to acknowledge.

3. Diets require a going it alone experience. It is proven that when one does an activity with a friend or a group of like minded people their experience is enhanced, and the outcomes for success are that much greater. Think sports even if it is a single person performing the activity there are always a group of supporters, coaches, mentors, peers who are supporting their movement forward and are in the nitty, gritty of what is working and what isn’t so things can be tweaked.

4. Diets imply temporary, 7 day diet, the 21 day diet, then what happens? Diets imply that once you achieve “the goal” you are done. But really, is that the ultimate goal? Is it a finish line you are really going for? Or is it something more sustainable, do you always want to be looking for the next new diet to go on?

5. Diets imply it is just about the numbers on the scale and the calories in the food. But really is that all it is? Maybe the diets, and the calories are distractions keeping us from what is really in the way of our being the person in the body that is truly who we are! We are so much more, looking at the whole picture is what makes for lasting success, joy and happiness and isn’t that what you really want. I’d like to be your coach in your corner, supporting you to then next step away from diets as We Ditch The Diets Together and supporting you to discover another way. You’re worth it you deserve to feel and look amazing!