5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working


#1 It’s Not For You

What I mean by this, it wasn’t designed for you. It may work for your sister, neighbor, brother… But it isn’t what your body needs now. And maybe it was okay 5 years ago, but you’re not this person now and for the diet to work it has to be what your body is asking for now. The body is constantly changing and as we age we find we respond to food differently to be effective it has to meet what the body is asking for now.


#2 It’s Too Restrictive


If your diet feels restrictive it’s not sustainable. If the food you’re able to eat is too limited and you find you’re constantly needing to be alone to “keep it”, or if you need to specifically buy diet foods, which aren’t readily available you will not be able to maintain it and you’ll resent it. You may be gung ho for a few days ~ but as soon as you’re in life ~ it’s out the window.


#3 Trying To Put Something On You


What this means is something from the outside saying this is “what you need” will create resistance and again lead to not maintaining it. Have you ever noticed as soon as someone tells you what to do you want to do the opposite even if you agree with what they’re saying? A diet is the same way, someone else’s rules being put on you.


#4 No Support/ Accountability


Without support or accountability what happens when your willingness starts to dissipate? What happens when you don’t feel like it anymore or it starts to get hard, or life challenges come in and you feel lost or stuck? It’s easy to quit on your self. Even though you’ve the best of intentions when you begin. You don’t see how you sabotage yourself, where you are stopping yourself from changing, where your thinking has you stepping in the same land mine. This is what happens dieting alone, without support 98% fail.


#5 No Emotional Support


Food/eating can be addictive: certain foods hold power over you and it may not be clear why.

Without emotional support or the tools to move through the emotional blocks even if you lose weight, it will come back and probably more.

When there’s an emotional attachment to food it must be addressed for any lasting hold to take place.


What To Do Instead:

  • Choose a way of eating which fits you now.
  • Choose a plan of eating with real food, not diet food, not meal replacements, food.
  • Choose a way of eating sustainable with a way of eating you can commit to to fit your life and lifestyle.
  • Have support and accountability to make the changes. Habits are strong what will be there to combat the inertia?
  • Have a plan which incorporates emotional support to move through the addictive/emotional connection you have to eating.
  • Self Care practices need to be incorporated.
  • Priority needs to be given.


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Food


It’s easy to say “it’s just food” and “I can handle it”you may be able to but…if you’ve a history of dieting and you’re still not getting results, if you’ve struggled using food to handle your emotions, diets alone won’t work for you. A diet like be like putting a band-aid on an open wound, you’re doing something but not addressing what needs to be done.



What If You Liked Your Body & Relationship

With Food?


How would  your life change?

Who would you be?

What would it mean to you to know what to eat, when to eat, to eliminate cravings, stress eating, poor choices, bad planning?


Just Imagine:


  • Your life without cravings?
  • You stopped reacting with food to life and starting responding with clear thinking?
  • You really liked yourself instead of hating yourself?
  • You looked down at the scale and saw your “goal weight”, and were able to wear the clothes in your closet?
  • You had the energy you needed to show up instead of dreading invitations, because you’re so tired?
  • Feeling more like yourself again.


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