Meal Planning, Or Are You On The Grab And Go Method?


If you’re overwhelmed with all you need to do with running your business: clients calls, meetings, marketing, throw in hubbie or kids schedule does this leave you pulling into the drive thru for your next meal?


If you’d like to lose weight, and get healthier…

Meal prepping is the way, start here, simple 5 steps.


  1. Plan 7-10 days at a time, this way you are accountable and your family can see what’s on the menu and they can plan accordingly.
  2. Decide what day will you plan and what day will you cook?
  3. Plan to cook 3 times a week, fill in with leftovers and frozens. (What days do you eat as a family, what nights are you out?
  4. Pantry Tally: Keep a list on yours and snap a pic before you go to the grocery.
  5. Plan what you need to cook, not what you want to cook i.e. if you’ve spinach in your fridge plan a recipe around it.

Bonus Tips:

  • Look for meal inspiration: Checking the weather can inspire you if it’s going to be cold, cook soup, or hot, stay with cold foods…
  • Plan to use what you’ve already made, if you’ve leftovers add to them.
  • Make doubles and freeze so you’ve food for later.
  • Get disposable pans and put them in the freezer.


Don’t give up, it takes time!

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