Even though eating at a friend’s is a great way to spend time it also brings up the dilemma of how they eat, especially if you’ve been  working on being healthier.
This is a frequent conversation I have with clients: my neighbor’s eat junk food and it’s really hard to say no, or my mother in law doesn’t get what I need to do, or my sister eats okay but she doesn’t eat vegetables like I do…
How do you make eating out work, when you you don’t have the control you’re used to?


And I’ve been there because this was a big challenge for me when I first started making changes.


5 Tips For Eating At A Friend’s (when you’ve limited control)


  1. If someone asks what you like to eat, be honest, (sometimes we don’t say because we want to go with the flow, but letting someone know what you really need is more helpful. (Frequently I hear people say I don’t want to be difficult), many times our friends and family want to support us.
  2. Bring a dish you really like, you’ll know you’ve at least one thing you can eat.
  3. Eat the part of the dish that works. If it’s covered in some sauce that’s loaded with cheese and is super rich, underneath there may be something that does work. A sauce minus a pasta, eat the garnished vegetables…
  4. Drink a lot of water, it will have you feeling more satiated and less hungry.
  5. Focus on the people and the conversation, it’s the main reason you are there:).
  6. Remind yourself it’s one meal, you’ll be okay,  it doesn’t mean you’ve blown it, if you end up eating something you normally wouldn’t it doesn’t undo all your good works.
  7. Acknowledge yourself for having the awareness that it can feel stressful to eat in someone else’s home, you’re not in control and that’s okay. (Awareness is a big part of change, and if this brings up fear, acknowledging it will allow you to deal with your feelings as opposed to eating over them).