Struggling with portions, find you’re serving sizes getting bigger? Maybe your perception of what portions are supwomanwithlargeamtfoodposed to be is skewed, if so, you aren’t alone, the food industrys’ intention is to super-size you to believe a portion is larger than it really is, easy to get off track and distrust your “gut”, the true judge of what a portion size really is. Try these five things: Like what you are reading have it delivered to you FREE, with updates and FREE STUFF.

5 Things To Do To Control Portion Sizes:

1. Pray offer up a prayer. I was recently reminded of this visiting a Buddhist Temple traveling  in Carmel, their prayer is longer but the gist is take time to consider all the hands involved in bringing the food to you,  Give them your gratitude.  Prayer is powerful, it puts you in touch with something greater than yourself and it will connect you.IMG_1746

2. Half way through your meal, pause, ask yourself how do I feel eating this amount food? When you sit down to a meal ( you are sitting down for meals right?) It may surprise you!

IMG_05013. Experiment with plate sizes, size may matter. What size is your plate? Have you noticed plate sizes have expanded? Much easier to over do it when your plate’s serving is really two!

4. Look at the size of your forkful experiment with taking half, see what happens.

5. Chew your food thoroughly, according to Dr. Mercola, it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register what we have eaten, plus chewing has a direct effect on how well we digest our food and it helps us slow down.

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