And it’s true too much of a good thing is still too much. How do you handle the desire to eat it all, and avoid wishing you hadn’t? Here are five plus one of my favorites. Let me know what works for you! Receive my free 3 day mini-detox, good after too much…

1. Slow down, when you eat fast you barely taste what you ate, it takes 20 minutes to register too fast, you’ve eaten the entire thing! Count to 20 during your chewing, savor it, realize the work that’s gone into the preparation, appreciate the ingredients, the growers, marvel on it’s ability to create an amazing experience for you, let me know what happens?

2. Enjoy it, whatever you choose, let it be enjoyed, let go of the “judgement of your choice” appreciate it and than move on. Let it be the experience. Making yourself feel bad will only keep you attached to the experience, and perpetuate the why bother attitude.

3. Pray; always works for me.  Pray to whatever magnificence, you believe in, the guide of your highest self, let it support  you as you partake in the experience.

4. Drink, water, before you dive in, it’ll satiate you enough to stage off the feeling that you have to eat everything.

5. Enjoy your environment, being too focused on “the food” will take you away from the meaning of why you’re gathered,  if you wish you weren’t there, be glad it’s temporary:).  Then give yourself the treat, of seeing who at your gathering looks as unhappy as you, see if you can create a connection neither of you have engaged in before. It is true when we reach out to help someone else we are elevated. Let me know what happens.

bamboodiffuserBonus: 6. Run a diffuser, with peppermint or citrus fresh essential oil, it creates a feeling of being satiated in the body, plus get an awesome aromatic experience!

Need some guidance unique to you? Let’s talk, it is my highest pleasure to support you to be your healthiest, happiest self, together we can do, what you can’t do alone. I am here for you.