stressawayEssential oils are my favorite go to for maintaining balance.

They have an immediate benefit for people, I’d two experiences Sunday reminding me of their power.  Following a service I was waiting in line to speak to the minister, when I reached her, she said “I knew you were in line, I could smell you and I feel better, and she started telling people around us about how great essential oils are”! 

A few minutes later I walked down to the library to look at their books, a man was sitting in front of the fiction section, exactly the section I was heading towards, he asked me “what fragrance are you wearing” I told him essential oils, he said “I used to use essential oils, than I stopped, but smelling you’re fragrance is reminding me how important they are to me for feeling good. I’m actually sitting here reading trying to shift my mood because I’m really struggling with how my day’s going, but than you walked up and from the smell you’re wearing, I feel so much better!

If you’re thinking I’d like to get started using essential oils, but you don’t know where to start, here’s my short list; to relieve stress, ease digestive upsets, bring calm to your mind and body, ease minor skin irritations, and inspire growth to move beyond struggle to help with forward movement in your life.

Start including essential oils in your daily routine, to feel the power of their ability to shift and change you! Like what you’re reading let’s stay connected, receive my 3 day detox with essential oils.

 7 Essential Oils You Need Now

oilslemonbottleLavender– Considered the Swiss army knife of essential oils, it’ll do whatever you need! For relaxation from your busy mind put a drop of lavender in your hands, cup your hands over your nose and breath, put several drops in your bath water at the end of a long day, you’ll experience the day melting away.  Apply a few drops to the bottom of your feet for a great nights sleep. Apply directly to heal cuts or burns.

Lemon– Supports the cleansing of your body by putting a couple drops in water, particularly helpful when

Melalucea  Relieves infections, I’ve used to heal a sore throat, by putting a drop in water.Use in a neti pot for sinus irrigation, by combining a drop with the salt.

Peppermint– Inhale to undo fatigue, apply topically to relieve tight muscles, a drop on your tongue will create fresh breath, the best reliever of sinus infections by inhaling, and diffusing. Great for digestive upsets.

Citrus Fresh– Amplifies creativity, and well being gets rid of anxiety and purifies the air! Japan researchers found diffusing citrus oils into the air increases mental accuracy 54%!

Stress Away– Inhale, apply to induce relaxation, disperse into the air feel the renewed sense of well being.

Thieves– Apply directly to the bottom of your feet, will send it to the cells needing healing because it’s antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumoral. It’s ingestable great for throat conditions, a great antioxidant, improve wellness.

Like what you’re reading let’s stay connected, receive my 3 day detox with essential oils.