Akashic Reading

Awaken To Your Full Potential

  • Understand why you’ve the patterns you do
  • Why you’re called to certain experiences
  • Why it’s so challenging to let go of certain repeated patterns
  • Discover more of the truth calling to pull you forward
  • Discover what’s possible for you to have more of a joy filled and peaceful life
  • Discover blocks in your way
  • Understand what path is meant for you now
  • Reveal awareness of new opportunities previously hidden


Akashic reading is your blueprint for your soul until you reach transition into your next life time. it comes with guidance, references and teachings for you to master in this life time.

During a reading you’ll ask questions and receive information from your soul informing you of your now.

Each session is 90 minutes. It’s recorded over zoom.


Move through fears ignited by world changes

To help you navigate more clearly

Take advantage of the Bring Greater Peace now offer until May 30th 

After returns to $250


 ‘The information Claudia shared from the Akashic reading was accurate, enlightening and helpful. It opened up areas that I didn’t realize needed to be healed. The reading gave me new information I can now apply. The process was surprisingly easy, effortless, and simple. I now feel more clarity and lighter.  Even though some of the answers were hard to hear they were accurate. And, It’ll help me make the changes that I need to feel happier and more balanced.

Chelsea Hanson


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