with clients, I frequently hear “it’s that I started feeling really anxious, don’t know what happened, I started eating, seemed like things were going well, but then I got busy, the holidays, felt a bit overwhelmed, there were some treats at work, I couldn’t think clearly. I started looking for food, I started running through what food I had at home,  then thought maybe I should order out? In the mean time I’d check the fridg, then it was too late, I’d blown it, I figured might as well keep going. It did make me feel better, sort of for a little.” If you like what you read, join my updates.

And that’s the key, sort of. The pain is satisfied for a moment, until the next time. Sound familiar? Refined sugars, processed carbs will numb your brain, they change your brain chemistry, as you eat they start to run through your blood, you feel different, a temporary solution, anxiety handled.  The edge is gone. But handled, really? Recently I met a woman who said her smoking made the world safer for others, an interesting statement. What are you really doing to you?

That’s really the question, what is really going on? I remember being in high school being so overwhelmed with what I needed to get done for an exam, rather than study I went directly downstairs and starting eating. Anyone else with me? I learned at a young age it worked, and it set the stage, scary things, hard things and things that feel too overwhelming, let’s eat.

As I tell my clients, it’s so good to know the problem, because now we can start to do something and create change. Committing to getting support to change is the game changer, so easy to break promises to yourself, have you noticed?

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