I was at an event the other night and the usual conversation began, “what do you do?” and I told her, “I help women stop the diet cycle, and help them love themselves and their body”. She said “my relationship with my body is complicated and I make really bad decisions (with food), and with everything”.

I could feel her sadness and the tears just below the surface. And I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier about how hard it is to love yourself.

And a few weeks ago I gave a workshop, and one of the exercises was what if you loved yourself…(try it see what you discover).

Because the voice in your head that speaks the loudest reminds you of what you didn’t do, how much further you have to go, how you’re not where so and so is, or not where you said you’d be, and if you were really a good person, friend, mom, business owner… you’d be ________.

It’s not a loving voice.

So whose voice are you listening to?

If all day long you told someone how badly they screwed up, how good would they feel, how much would they want to be around you?

Constantly being told there’s something wrong with you, is not the key to improvement and making better choices.

So how do you start to turn this around?

  • Awareness is the first step.
  • Then start to clear the pattern undermining your choices.
  • How much would your life change if you changed this pattern?

Leave a comment below let me know.

And I’d love to have you join my tribe to start turning this voice around.