???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you conscious eating? What does it mean? Why should you care? What can it do for you? So often I hear I wolfed my food down, I ate standing up, in the car, picked something up on the fly, ate on the run… Fill in the blank. What does that do to you, your digestive system, your relationship with food. Yes, it’s a relationship! You have a relationship with food! How is yours? Too busy to spend too much time with it? Take it for granted? Get to it when you can? Pretend it doesn’t really matter? Wish it were different? Hmm??? These do sound like phrases you might assign to an intimate relationship, that probably wouldn’t be working to well for yourself, no what I mean?

Remember as a kid when an adult bent down to really look at you and ask you how you were doing? What you were thinking? What you wanted to be when you grew up? Plain out paid attention to you? Now turn that around and see how your relationship with food would change if you really looked at it and asked how is it going? What does it need from you? Do you need to get more invested in it? Is this resonating, get regular notices to your mailbox. More present, curious, engaged?

What if you actually sat down and looked at your food, took in the colors, smelled it, took in the aroma, noticed how it made you feel, and then took a bite and experienced the sensation of the taste in your mouth, and you let the food slowly be savored, fully chewed it let it get fully and thoroughly broken down before you actually swallowed, then released it into your digestive system? How would that begin to change your relationship with your food? Your gut? We have a preponderance of digestive issues, anxiety rampant in our society, how could sitting down to a meal begin to slowly impact those two experiences? Why not try it the next time you reach for you next meal or snack. Begin with a raisin, an apple, it all works!

Let me know what changes for you??

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