Using Food/Alcohol to manage your STRESS?


Do you ever find you’re emotions happen so fast that before you know it you’re “grabbing” whatever’s in front of youand you didn’t even plan to do that?

You don’t even know how the chips or ice cream or … got finished because it happened so fast.

Do you have an immediate thought and then quickly move into action to manage it?

Would a pause button be nice?

There’s a lot of ways to mange the thought to unconscious action and one of my favorites are essential oils.

What you may not know: your sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic, emotional part of your brain.

Which means when you smell a particular scent you’ll bypasses your thinking, and go straight to your emotional center.

Which is why they can be so great for pausing stress eating (well any stress really).

Essential Oils /Aromatherapy are a great way to shift you back into the moment.


How to use them:

1) Straight, 1-2 drops on your skin, (dilute if not therapeutic oils) to your body.
2) Diffuse
3) Bathing
4) Inhale a couple of drops in your cupped hand.

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