IMG_0962Dear Claudia,


My question is I don’t know if I’ve a gluten allergy but I’ve a lot of gas and bloating and wonder if gluten could be the reason, lots of people are talking about gluten is it just hype or is there really something to this gluten stuff? And if so, isn’t it going to be hard to switch? Doesn’t everything have gluten in it?


Stuffed and Puffy in Idaho


Hi Stuffed and Puffy,


I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling uncomfortable. Actually there are a lot of studies being done about the many struggles people are associating with gluten sensitivities even if they aren’t fully allergic to gluten. Even if you tested and didn’t test positive it’s still possible you could have gluten sensitivities. Here is a great article on gluten. Want to know what has gluten and what doesn’t, know what to cook and when you’re at a restaurant know what to choose. Get my grain list! You’ll be surprised at what foods you CAN EAT! Gluten is commonly in wheat products but if you avoid wheat at least seven days you’ll be able to test for results and get you’re answer!  You may also want to sign up for my 3 Days to Clean Eating to jumpstart your progress.


Stuffed and Puffy do let me know what you discover and let me know if you’d like more support, I’m here to help!