It’s a holiday does it offer you a license to eat whatever you want and regret it later?

If this isn’t the way you want to continue,

My 5 Tips For A Happy Healthy holiday

  1. Decide this holiday is going to be different, because you’re ready to feel good and because you believe in your ability to change.
  2.  Plan ahead. If you’re going to a picnic and you don’t know what will be served bring something you like and feel good about eating so even if the food is sugary, carby and alcoholic you’ve another option.
  3.  Eat a snack before you go, so you’re not starving and don’t spend the first hour of the gathering at the chip bowl.
  4.  If you’ll be eating buffet or family style fill a plate with food you feel good about and decide it’s your meal and than walk away from the table.
  5. Enjoy yourself, the guests, talk with someone you don’t usually talk with and allow your attention to be off the food.
  6. Bonus: Consider bringing a game or initiating a game experience to involve everyone in a fun playful way. One my boyfriend likes is where each guests has a famous persons name on their back and they have to guess who they are. What game would be fun for you?

I’d love to hear your comments. Was this helpful what worked what didn’t?