journalingThis is week two of answering your weight/life challenges.

A woman in Des Moines, writes.

Claudia my stick thin sister in law can eat anything she wants, makes me sick! I have to be so conscious or else I completely blow it. Whenever we all go out to eat she’ll only have a bite of something and then stop eating, me, I have to finish it! What do can I do, if I’m not thinking about it all the time I gain weight. Struggling with your weight, body image, stop suffering, contact me today for a complimentary session!



Envious in Des Moines


Dear Envious in Des Moines,


Thank you for your question. I hear your pain and I know how you feel.  I’m sure many women can relate to a BF or sister, or husband or… eating things they’d never eat, “getting  away with it” in ways they can’t. But what are you Dear Envious to do?

You have a couple of options you’re not stuck. What if you start by asking yourself the question what do I really want? Do you want it because someone else is having it or are you filling a feeling or is it a genuine desire for giving yourself a treat? After you answer the questions, which requires a pause to get clear on your desires, you can say  to yourself right now I am choosing to not have this because I have a higher goal and when I have the thing “I crave” it makes me feel bad about me and therefore it’s not in alignment with my ultimate goal for myself. This takes it out of the comparison mode and takes it back to what is your goal? What do you desire for yourself? If that bite of something has to much control over you right now, (and it’s only right now you can decide from) than for you it’s best to not eat it, right now. This reminder to yourself is it’s only about right now and right now is temporary. In a week or month you may feel completely different based on circumstances and choices you’ve been making up to date. So do not worry.

And another option can be when you’re out to eat and you see something on the menu you really want but are afraid to eat because you’ll eat all of it, give yourself permission to have that thing you think you can’t have? What if you enjoyed it with everyone else? If you are taking really good care of yourself and eating well most of the time 80/90% of the time, giving yourself permission to have a bite or a small amount of something may give you a different perspective. You may also consider asking for a half portion, or asking your table mates if they would be willing to share it with you to take out the fear of overindulging, in all of these you are back in control.

Which scenario feels best to you? Struggling with your weight, body image, don’t suffer contact me today for a complimentary session!

Envious in Des Moines, please let me know how what works for you! I look forward to learning what you discovered about yourself!