How is it that we can be so easily distracted? I love this quote by Pema Chödrön: “There are many ways to discuss ego, the experience of never being present. There is a deep-seated tendency to distract ourselves even when we’re not consciously feeling uncomfortable.”

This is what I consider when I sit down to a meal with the intention to be present:

  • I eat every bite slowly
  • I pay attention to the aroma of my just-cooked kale and coconut soup
  • I notice the bright colors
  • I relish its taste
  • I notice the subtleties of the ingredients

IMG_0072The first bite is great: I am right there chewing, observing, appreciating, enjoying. Then somewhere around the 20th bite, my mind is off: did I call that client? Did I send that email? What about what she said? That wasn’t what I would have said, she was probably tired…

There I am, lost in my mind, having forgotten about consciously being present with my food.

I begin again. Oh yes, the colors of the beautiful food, the taste of the coconut, the smell of the sweet and spicy, I remember what I am doing here.

Even those of us who practice every day can lose ourselves when we’re eating! I make an effort at each meal and I reap the benefits.

What does conscious eating look like to you? Let me know how it goes!