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 Hi! I’m Claudia.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Hello! I’m Claudia and my passion is to support you to heal your relationship with yourself. To move beyond the struggle of your body while inspiring you to live a life filled with happiness, purpose, peace, and joy!

As someone who struggled with unhappiness, I used lots of things to make it go away: food, alcohol, cigarrettes, negativity… It was a struggle being who I really was and not who others wanted me to be.  But there was a tipping point and I looked at my behavior and realized my life isn’t getting better with my way of fixing it.  So I made a phone call and said, I need help. Little did I know that day would change my life. It was the end of me trying to fix my life.  When I accepted I needed help and couldn’t do it alone I finally relaxed. I no longer had to have all the answers. Humbling and freeing. It took courage because I was raised to believe “I shouldn’t need help”, but that thinking was keeping me stuck. When I let someone help me, I started to see what was really going on, it’s as if the blinders came off.  I let in a real solution. I began to think differently. I learned I had choices and I saw what before I was blind to.  I could finally stop pretending everything was fine, I that I had it all together and feeling shame because I didn’t. And in getting help I the shame, and pretending went away as life on the inside changed, my life on the outside did as well.

Imagine your life free from the reactivity to your life with food, or getting angry all the time, or being mean to yourself and instead  feeling happy, full of energy, clarity, and freedom to be you! You deserve this, and I’d like to help you get there.

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