IMG_0022You may at this point be thinking what??? How do these have anything in common?  Stay with me. I was remembering my last ( and only) hydrangea plant, with it’s big beautiful purple flowers and when the flowers died, I read the way to get them to regrow was to pull the dead flowers off, after it goes dormant for awhile it will come back. I was quite excited to have it regenerate, and sure enough, in about a month or so my pretty purple flowers were replaced with new green stems and what I thought were buds, it stayed that way for months.  So green so healthy and nothing else surfaced. I was confused at what went wrong.  I went to my local plant expert  at Gethsamane (they are the best)  with a photo and he said, “think of hydrangeas as a summer romance, they are never meant to last longer then that, beautiful for the time you have them and then that is i”t… temporary is the key. Then I got to thinking hmmm, summer romance, temporary, short lived, lots of fun, big flash, seems promising but really only for that time.

Then, I thought about Diets… They are the same. How many diets have you been on? Did they work? For a short time diets are great, like my hydrangea, like a summer romance but that is it… They are not meant to last, the nature of them is temporary and then you must start all over again. At a time when there are more diets on the market then ever, people are going on diest going to “diet clubs” but perhaps it isn’t the answer because as a country we are more overweight then ever. The stats are that most people who lose weight on diets gain the weight back and then some. People on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months, the researchers found. However, at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years, and the true number may well be significantly higher, they said.”  Have you noticed when you are sick of something you just want to do something!! Diets it seems are that something!! But I know diets don’t work, and they create a “diet” mentality which is really in the way from weight loss and health.  Why do people keep going on diets if they don’t work? Why do people have summer romances? They are fun, they are flashy they bring a promise of something, if even temporary. There is a better way, a non diet approach to weight loss and eating, it is the way to sustainable living that can last a lifetime.

And which would you rather have a summer fling or a long term relationship that can go the distance? If you are ready to stop dieting and want some support on your path to transformation let’s sit down and see how we can work together. If you would like to be in a nine week fall group then join me there starting September 26th at 7pm.