• Someone asks you to do something you say yes. (You wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings, let them down, (you’re uberly  dependable/responsible and the person they can count on).
  • You tell yourself

“I’m the only one who can do it”.

  • Secretly you resent that you’re

always the one who…

  • Secretly wondering when’s

it my turn?

The disease to please is at the center of all your decisions. You want to be liked. You want to be well thought of. You want to be agreeable. You don’t want to cause any trouble. You wouldn’t want anyone to be mad at you. And you want to get along.

Wanting to get along in itself is fine, but when you’re constantly not listening to yourself because everyone else is more  more important than you,  you’re in trouble.

Last week I had three different conversations in one day, with clients and friends each doing a secret slow burn because all week, they’d slowly been giving more than they had to give and this lead to: exhaustion, overwhelm, anger, confusion, sickness, eating crappy food, and plain old unhappiness!

For a couple of them it was so subtle not until we unraveled all that had gone on with: kids, husband and co-workers did the truth of their feelings surface.

With the disease to please you’re a master at burying your feelings, because feelings are inconvenient and messy and they can undermine your desire to well “please”.

CONFUSION is a big read flag. Confusion will keep you stuck, and from seeing clearly.

Being pleasing comes at a cost and for my clients they’ve decided they’re not willing to pay the price any longer, and that means: daily they take steps to do some thing different.

It can feel radically uncomfortable but the by product: peace, reduced stress, clarity and hope!

If you’re stuck in the disease to please give yourself a gift, say to yourself today: “I deserve something better and I’m willing to do what it takes to give it to my self!”


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