End Stress/Emotional Eating, Yo-Yo Dieting in Group Coaching For Women:

Group Coaching Program For Women

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You know Diets don’t work, you’ve tried them, and know at best they’re a temporary solution, if you’re super strict and give everything else up. Have you been a yo-yo dieter since a teenager, down 20, up 10, down 15 up 20, the years change, the weight changes too, but not finding you’ve a long term solution? Feeling discouraged, fearing nothing really works for you?


If so, there’s hope, and you’re right, it’s beyond the diet! Why I’ve created this program designed to take you from where you are with a plan guiding you with clear steps to help you get to where you want to go.
I’d years of eating over my feelings, the “good” and the “bad”. Food was always a trusted friend, “there for me”. Over the years I tried many ways to change my eating but always I ended up in the same place, feeling miserable and obsessed another year had passed and still I hadn’t handled the weight, or the eating. If you’re like me sick and tired of doing the same thing without getting results and know you need to do something different, this program is for you!


Doing it alone left me stuck and in the problem, with no real solution. It wasn’t until I reached out for help to someone who could help me see it from a different perspective and help me move beyond the problem, that my life changed.
Food is part of the solution, and why diets don’t work. I’d love to help you experience the solution to achieve peace of mind with your body and yourself.  Imagine what your life would feel like with your eating and weight handled? imagine feeling happy about being you, loving your body and knowing what you need to eat, and doing it. 
How much would your life change? How much mental time would you free up? And how much more joy would you experience?

If you’re ready to feel as good as you can, here’s your next step.

I’ve created this program from my training, personal experience and working with clients.

I’m ecstatic to share this program, because you deserve to be free!

Giving yourself the gift of support and accountability, with a coach, and a group of peers will move you to places of healing and success you can’t achieve alone. Get the support to move you through your stuck places your struggles and resistance.
You’ll be guided through and education and learn better ways of eating, to eliminate cravings, lose excess weight, to achieve your goals!
Let this time of independence day be your freedom from your patterns with eating and your body!  Gain peace of mind knowing you know what to do and doing it.  Get tools to lose the weight weighing you down and learn to change your thinking which is keeping you stuck.
Benefit from a solid eating plan, nutritional education, self care practices, emotional support, group support and accountability. This plan is designed to have you feel and look your best, cultivating your thinner version!
If diets worked, you wouldn’t be reading this.
The combination of eating with the guidance, and support to work through the emotional changes, will be your game changer! Food is only part of the story, you deserve a plan for living that works!

Awaken Your Thin Self, Beyond the Diet;

Leave Stress and Emotional Eating Behind

A Six Month Group Program For Women:

  • 12 1.5 hour group coaching sessions to guide, motivate and encourage you to keep going to reach your goals and support you through personal issues.
  • Daily Food Suggestions
  • Group Support and Accountability
  • Weekly recipe guide
  • Emotional support to move through your patterns
  • Closed Facebook group especially for you!
  • Free 30 day E-book Guide to Food Freedom
  • Bonus 2:1 coaching session when Pay in full 

When: Tuesday

Time: 6:00-7:30 pm Central Time

Where: On line


Early, paid in full $1197 or 6 payments of $249

What’s the value of feeling amazing, with a spring in your step, sparkling eyes, clear skin, pain free, free of cravings, clothes fitting, empowered to living your healthy
The price of being healthy~ Priceless too feel this good!

BUY NOW with PAYPAL, receive your e-book, list of foods, recipes, and a goals form to be completed and gone over during your first session.

What clients are saying:
Les experienced during my program: She came to me saying I only eat 1200 calories a day and still I’m not losing weight. In working with me, she lost 30 pounds, and gained; self esteem, joy, confidence, greater mobility, she could crawl around with her grandkids, better sleep, ease in her movement, pride in her ability to learn and grow beyond her past beliefs, proving at 60 plus she could do it!
My busy lawyer-mom client, I’ve always been challenged with making healthy eating choices, I started working with Claudia to learn more about nutrition with a goal to lose ten pounds.  I began my journey with Claudia right at Thanksgiving and received her sound approach and techniques through the holidays. I learned how to eat more consistently throughout the day, which made for more conscious food planning and less emotional eating.  I also learned to proactively understand my emotional eating issues and implemented some important time management techniques to add more workouts to my weekly schedule. Not only did I not gain weight during the holidays this year, I lost weight after the holiday season. I thank Claudia for coaching me through this important transition in my life to make me more consciously connected to food and a healthier lifestyle for the future!!”