fallleavesFall is playing full out as we move to shorter days, longer nights of greater darkness. And with crisper cooler weather, comes seasonal root vegetables, yummy soups, and greater opportunities to look within.

Halloween’s scary ghosts and goblins also included too much candy and the reminder we’re in pre-holiday season with an upswing of social activities, and celebrations involving too much food, alcohol, sugary treats, and family favorites.

With all these activities comes the opportunity to decide if you want to fall into default patterns of gaining weight through the holidays and waiting until January 1st, to create change, or begin now, making changes!

The choice to feel healthy and happy now and during the holidays is up to you, it is possible, as Hillel says, The Tme Is Now!

Give yourself the experience of feeling more love for yourself

and deciding in favor of you!

The choice is yours.

I’ve a gift to help choosing in favor of YOU! “ The Time Challenge” for taking on any project even if the project is handling seasonal change with gusto! Here’s to you deepening your love of your healthy self.


Challenge yourself, for the next 7 days implement one new habit into your life.

What will it be: Movement? Up your greens? Play more music? Get more social? Meditate…

Commit to loving YOU!


What’s one thing over the next 7 days you’d like to challenge yourself to do?

Choose an amount of time you’ll spend doing it. Reward yourself when you get to your goal.


The challenge, this week  day one I will __________,

This week  day 2____________.

This week day 3______________,

This week day 4______________,

This week day 5______________.

This week  Day 6______________.

This week day 7_______________.


Let me know how it goes!


Daunted by the task or if after one day you fall off…

Schedule a time with me for a complimentary session.

Do not do this alone, the mind which created the problem can not fix the problem. Albert Einstein

I know this was true for me, I didn’t solve the food, lifestyle, self sabotage patterns alone. I had lots of help!

You deserve to be free of suffering.


I can help you get to where you want to go.

And if feeling fabulous is on your bucket list schedule time with me!


Hugs to you,