Do you feel kind of stuck?

Do you believe your own excuses a little more than you wish you did?

Do you find yourself not doing what you say you’ll do?

And if you’ve lost confidence in yourself because of the choices you’ve made,

Know you’re not alone.

Change is hard and it’s why athletes hire: coaches, personal trainers, advanced coaches… because they know they can’t get to where they want to get doing it alone.

And what I’ve learned from my eating and lifestyle changes is that change is hard. I had years of programming on how not to take care of myself, and how not to eat well, and when life was hard or complicated or I was stressed I was trained to turn to something, food, alcohol, a relationship a cigarette, and I was the proverbial “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Even though at times I made progress, when something big came up, it wiped out my movement forward and I’d back slide, dumping me back into discouragement, and feeling defeated again!

Until I finally got, “I can’t solve this alone” and I gave in and accepted I needed help. I needed someone who understood what I was going through who could give me the support to do things differently, and who had a better solution than I did. That was really hard thing to accept, because I had always done things on my own but in this case, it wasn’t working. And asking for help felt like a big act of failing because I thought “I should be able to handle this” but when I was really honest with myself, I wasn’t handling it. And later what I realized, on my own it was too easy to hide and believe my own excuses. And asking for help was really an act of courage, it takes courage to step out and let someone else in and help you.

Working with someone else immediately gave me an internal shift, of not being alone with the food/how I wasn’t taking time for me, it stopped the hiding and I surrendered: having to know all the answers. A huge relief. It wasn’t an immediate fix. But it stopped the spiral and I regained control of myself. And, I discovered who I was without turning to food or a cigarette or a relationship to bury my feelings.

And now with over 20 years of doing things differently and years of helping lots of other women I know how crucial having the right guidance is in solving the problem and why I believe in the power of Coaching for personal change and transformation.

And now, I’m interviewing women for a group I’ll be coaching.

If you’d like to stop suffering doing it alone and get the support that a coach and a group can offer,

And you’d like to know more about how the group coaching can help you,

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I look forward to talking with you!