Listening to Rena share her story of struggling with weight, food.  Her ups and downs of the scale, noticing as life got hard and complicated, weight came back, followed by a brief  time, in college, then getting married, when weight was a non-issue, it seemingly took care of itself. But then, something happened… no matter what she ate, how much she exercised she couldn’t seem to lose weight, if she did, it didn’t stay off,  it was hard work and definitely not sustainable. And things that had worked in the past, didn’t work anymore. Sound familiar? Like what you are hearing sign up for my newsletter stay in touch.

She came to me, needing another way…Together we have been implementing, a way that works for her, without a diet, without, “the shoulds”, with much more permission, understanding and compassion to make sustainable changes. When you address it’s not just about the food, things really start to take off. “She is happier, losing weight, finding her way, moving in ways she never thought she could. Even though life is still happening, perfectly imperfect. It is not causing her to use food, this is huge and unlike what she has experienced before.”  There is a lot more going on with you than just the food you put into your mouth. So if you like Rena and have been trying to figure out your weight, food, and your health alone, perhaps you too need to reach out to someone who can help you.  Someone who has been where you are, has a solution and a way to show you.

There is so much power  in two, Einstein said it so well “the mind that created the problem can not solve the problem”.

There is a solution,  I look forward to sharing it with you.  Let’s stay connected.

And if you are stubborn like me? Just this past week, I was humbled by my figuring it out-self.  Notice my website, looks different, this is where my best thinking got me. I had this idea from reading, (can be dangerous:)  My action sent me into a big scarey unknown..Days of stress mixed with lots of prayer, mindfulness, stress, worry, and then… although I had been talking about it, I wasn’t talking about it to people who could really help me, sound familiar? Then by what seemed like magic my problem dissipated,  I invited someone in to help,  although it isn’t “perfect” I have a path to follow…I have come to see it as perfect for now, and it like me, like you, is a work in progress. This morning I really got that my perfectionism wants to tell me how bad it is, but then I got that perhaps this really is perfect, and it is taking me to an even greater place.

IMG_1854 with a guide, it can be actually event better!

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