Do you store your leftovers in plastic? If you are microwaving, which is another conversation, definitely no plastics there!

I was surprised to discover that plastic containers were linked to disrupting hormonal balances. Storing foods in plastic has been linked to cancers and low sex hormonal levels, yikes! Before you go any further, check out this primer on some common problems with storing food in plastic containers.

I know it can be tricky to figure out how to stop using plastics we are so trained to have them as our go-to’s..

  • Start saving your glass containers here are some things I do with mine:
  • store dry beans,
  • cooked beans,
  • dry grains,
  • left-overs….
Some of my varied collection

Some of my varied collection

The great thing is no matter what the size they work! My 4 oz empty curry paste jar stored left over dressing.  Glass can do what plastics can but better,  start storing your glass. Bonus, dishwasher safe, plastics, not intended to be heated to that degree.

Saving glass containers cuts down on what I need to throw away. I am doing my own recycling, and now I have all these containers that are awesome for storing!